New arrival for EtherCAT (Master) / PROFINET gateway GT200-PN-EC

Product Overview
The GT200-PN-EC gateway enables seamless connectivity between a PROFINET IO Controller and EtherCAT Servo devices. It can connect up to 16 EtherCAT Servo devices to a PROFINET IO Controller such as an S7 PLC. The GT200-PN-EC makes integrating your devices into PROFINET simple and hassle-free.

EtherCAT protocol, PROFINET protocol, Siemens PLC, Servo, Frequency Converter, GT200-PN-EC

Technical Specification
1. Protocol conversion between PROFINET and EtherCAT.
2. Supports PROFIdrive profiles, capable of automatically completing the protocol conversion from PROFIdrive profiles to CiA402.
3. Up to 16 EtherCAT servo devices can be connected to PROFINET.
4. Supports standard PROFINET RT.
5. PROFINET: Supports up to 16 slots, the length of input/output bytes can be set by TIA Portal.
6. 2 PROFINET ports, Ethernet auto-negotiating, supports daisy chain connection, built-in Ethernet switch function. 1 EtherCAT interface, functions as an EtherCAT master(scanner).
7. All configurations are done within the Portal software through GSDML files, without the need to install other software.
Use Case
The GT200-PN-EC gateway can connect EtherCAT Servo devices to a PROFINET network. It functions as a bridge in the communication network to convert between EtherCAT and PROFINET.


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